• Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in November! Calum-Lesson 9, Chiki-Lesson 11, Grandby-Lesson 1, Murphy-Lesson 2, Scooby-Lesson 11, Conall-Lesson 8, Smokey-Lesson 6, Trypp-Lesson 4, Cletus-Lesson 5, Brady-Lesson 1, Flo-Lesson 11, Grandby-Lesson 2, Cor-Lesson 10, Elara-Lesson 7, Bella-Lesson 1, Bailey-Lesson 2, and a HUGE congratulations to Dingus for Graduating!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in October!! Chiki-Lesson 10, Star-Lesson 5, Murphy-Lesson 1, Chloe-Lesson 6, Jousuke-Lesson 7, Solo-Lesson 2, Marcus-Lesson 5, Atlas-Lesson 7, Flo-Lesson 9, Ember-Lesson 8, Alastor-Lesson 6, Flo-Lesson 10, Leo-Lesson 7, Bucky-Lesson 3, Springer-Lesson 1, Atlas-Lesson 8, Hulk-Lesson 9, and Bailey-Lesson 1!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in September!! Hope-Lesson 5, Bucky-Lesson 1, Casper-Lesson 3, Dooley-Lesson 1, Charlie-Lesson 2, Cor-Lesson 9, Atlas-Lesson 5, Bucky-Lesson 2, Hope-Lesson 6, Atlas-Lesson 6, Clover-Lesson 6, and Leo-Lesson 6!!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in August!! Marco-Lesson 2, Echo-Lesson 6, Scooby-Lesson 10, Atlas-Lesson 2, Trypp-Lesson 3, Henry-Lesson 3, Rogue-Lesson 6, Atlas-Lesson 3, Leo-Lesson 5, and Atlas-Lesson 4!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in July!!! Cletus-Lesson 5, Echo-Lesson 5, Elsie-Lesson 4, Hulk-Lesson 9, Solo-Lesson 1, Obi-Wan-Lesson 1, Rogue-Lesson 5, Chevy-Lesson 6, Jousuke-Lesson 6, Juniper-Lesson 2, and Ranger-Lesson 1!!

Scout's Legacy Staff

Chief Executive Officer

Amanda, Scout, Addison, Arizona

My name is Amanda. I am the CEO and Founder of Scout's Legacy and began my training passion in 2006. After working with dog behavior issues and basic obedience training for years and studying at schools and behind other trainers, my life took a turn when my PTSD set in to affect my everyday life until I was unable to leave my home in 2012. After that I talked with my Therapist and worked with training my current dog at the time, Scout a border collie lab mix, to become my Service Dog. From there my life took off in the Service Dog world! From helping with other companies train dogs and working on training different tasks for others disabilities I truly found my place in life. Today my disabilities have changed and my dog family and needs have grown with it. I am currentley working with a Great Dane named Arizona and training a German Shepherd named Addison to take her place in the future. I decided to start my own company to help others with training their Service Dogs at a more affordable price, in 2015 I established Scout's Legacy Service Dogs. My job in this company is to make sure we train highly trained dogs that set an amazing example to the public on what a Service Dog should look like. I do this by helping people train the dog they need, and treating each client and dog as an individual. I adore helping each person achieve that same relief and independence that I found those many years ago. I hope to fulfill the lives of many and create bonds between human and dogs that will help each client thrive for their future.

Karina and Apollo


My name is Karina, I am a disabled veteran who began to do web development work after going to school using my GI Bill. I found a passion for building websites and managing databases. Aside from being the webmaster for Scout's Legacy I also work full time as a web developer for a mortgage loan application company. I found Scout's Legacy shortly after it was founded while I was on a search to find an organization that was working ethically and the trainer was well educated on Service Dog law and etiquette. While there were many programs willing to give me a free service dog, majority of them were not producing well rounded dogs or were focused around veterans with PTSD which I am not. Once I signed up with Scout's Legacy I began working and training my Great Dane Apollo to be my Mobility and Medical Response Service Dog, his training was focused around me and my disabilities rather than being cookie cutter which is exactly what I was looking for. I began doing web development for Scout's Legacy because I wanted to help get their name out there so that others could be helped the same way I was helped with Apollo. The mission and goals of Scout's Legacy lined up perfectly with what I was looking for.