• Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in December!! Adonis- Lesson 7, Buddy-Lesson 3, Camo-Lesson 4, Gunner-Lesson 7, Sugi-Lesson 3, Nestle-Lesson 4, Rory-Lesson 2, and Teddy-Lesson 2! So proud of these teams!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in November!Justice- Lesson 4, Addison- Lesson 9, Willa-Lesson 2, Sunshine-Lesson 4, Jacob-Lesson 6, Rosie-Lesson 10, Rory-Lesson 1, Nestle-Lesson 3, Gunner-Lesson 6, Cadence-Lesson 3, Valor-Lesson 7, and Miles for passing ALL of his requirements and is now a full Service Dog team!!! Way to go everyone!!

  • This Month, our outings are going to be just one on ones. Hope everyone is having a happy Holiday Season!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in October!Dory-Lesson 3, Dingus-Lesson 3, Buddy- Lesson 2, Harley- Lesson 2, Parson- Lesson 2, Nova- Lesson 2, Willa- Lesson 1, Gunner- Lesson 5, Sydni- Lesson 2, Sunshine- Lesson 3, Camo- Lesson 3,

  • Our Group Outing in October was at the Pumpkin Patch! It was so much fun, and we got a lot of great pictures!!

Training Approach

Scout and his Legacy

In Scout's Legacy we believe training is meant to be a fun experience for all involved, so we start all of our dogs with treat and reward based training. As we work with each individual dog we may see that their needs may go beyond reward based training, while others thrive on it. Our trainer Amanda is dedicated to finding the right training tools and method for each dog to grow and thrive as a service animal.

Our Lead Trainer

Our Lead Trainer and Founder of the company started this program after seeing how hard it was for people to receive help without paying a ton of money for it. Amanda has been doing basic obedience for over 8 years, Behavioral work with dogs for over 5, and Service Dog work for over 4. She started in the Service Dog world because of her own disabilities and has enjoyed helping others gain the freedom she so desperately loves. After helping others receive the freedom she gained through a Service Dog she knew this was her life long passion. Amanda has earned her Dog Training Certificate through PennFoster and is a CGC Evaluator.

AKC CGC Evaluator Penn Foster Career School