• Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in February!! Bear-Lesson 4, Orion-Lesson 1, Hulk-Lesson 4, Dallas-Lesson 1, and Juno-Lesson 2!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in January!! Rogue-Lesson 2, Kora-Lesson 3, Elara-Lesson 5, Gunner-Lessons 11 and 12, Copper-Lesson 3, Calum-Lesson 3, Justice- Lesson 7, Conall-Lesson 2, Hope-Lesson 2, and a HUGE congratulations to Team Gunner for Graduating this month!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in December!! Harper-Lesson 2, Copper-Lesson 1, Baxter-Lesson 5, Buddy-Lesson 12, Valor-Lesson 12, Gunner-Lesson 9, Gracie-Lesson 1, Gunner-Lesson 10, Drax-Lesson 4, Roo-Lesson 2, Luna-Lesson 10, and a HUGE congratulations to our Graduates this month- Buddy, Willa, and Valor!!!!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in November!! Valor-Lesson 10, Harley-Lesson 11, Drax-Lesson 3, Peach-Lesson 11, Teddy-Lesson 6, Kora-Lesson 2, Roo-Lesson 1, Harley-Lesson 12, Juno-Lesson 1, London-Lesson 3, Magnolia-Lesson 3, Chloe-Lesson 4, Brooklyn-Lesson 2, Valor-Lesson 11, Willa-Lesson 11, Conall-Lesson 1, Bear-Lesson 4, Peach-Lesson 12, Willa-Lesson 12, Chiki-Lesson 3, and a HUGE congratulations to our Graduates this month, Harley and Peach!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in October!!Paxton-Lesson 3, Hinata-Lesson 4,Calum-Lesson 2, Grover-Lesson 4, Harley-Lesson 9, Maui-Lesson 8, Peach-Lesson 10, Alastor-Lesson 4, Chiki-Lesson 2, Luna-Lesson 9, Helios-Lesson 3, Padfoot-Lesson 8, Ember-Lesson 4, McGregor-Lesson 7, Harley-Lesson 10, and Groot-Lesson 2!

SLSD's doing Tasks

Below are videos of our Service Dogs in Training performing a variety of tasks. Tasks are the trained commands that are used to help mitigate their handlers disability. Tasks are the key factor that make a service dog, if a service dog does not perform tasks to mitigate the handler's disability then it is not considered a service dog under the ADA (American's with Disabilities Act) or state laws. For more videos check out our You Tube Channel - Scout's Legacy You Tube

In this video Apollo a 15 month old Great Dane is performing a front block for his handler. Front blocks by a service dog act as a barrier between the handler and people or things that may trigger anxiety or panic.
Here is Captain showing how a back block looks and will work with some dogs. We train this so the dogs can help keep space between the handler and crowds. Holding the position is not always easy, but we make sure the dogs can do it through any distraction.
Captain is showing how a Mobility Support Dog can help by picking up dropped objects and giving them to their handlers. This helps for people with many disabilities where bending over can be a challenge.
This is Onyx, he is a Lab Mastiff mix and is 18 months old! This big boy has learned that the command "Juice" means to go and retrieve a bottle of water or Gatorade from the fridge! The reason for this task is so his own can get a drink to go with the many meds she has to take during the day, and of course Onyx knows how to get the meds! We are very proud of the dog Onyx is becoming to help assist his person!
Rosie is such a hardworking pup!! Here she is showing how she responds when her handler starts crying. This was at the beginning of her training for this task <3
Rosie is such a good dog, we are all very happy with how far she has come with her training!! She is getting really good at interrupting her handler when he has a meltdown, no matter where they are!