• Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in November! Calum-Lesson 9, Chiki-Lesson 11, Grandby-Lesson 1, Murphy-Lesson 2, Scooby-Lesson 11, Conall-Lesson 8, Smokey-Lesson 6, Trypp-Lesson 4, Cletus-Lesson 5, Brady-Lesson 1, Flo-Lesson 11, Grandby-Lesson 2, Cor-Lesson 10, Elara-Lesson 7, Bella-Lesson 1, Bailey-Lesson 2, and a HUGE congratulations to Dingus for Graduating!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in October!! Chiki-Lesson 10, Star-Lesson 5, Murphy-Lesson 1, Chloe-Lesson 6, Jousuke-Lesson 7, Solo-Lesson 2, Marcus-Lesson 5, Atlas-Lesson 7, Flo-Lesson 9, Ember-Lesson 8, Alastor-Lesson 6, Flo-Lesson 10, Leo-Lesson 7, Bucky-Lesson 3, Springer-Lesson 1, Atlas-Lesson 8, Hulk-Lesson 9, and Bailey-Lesson 1!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in September!! Hope-Lesson 5, Bucky-Lesson 1, Casper-Lesson 3, Dooley-Lesson 1, Charlie-Lesson 2, Cor-Lesson 9, Atlas-Lesson 5, Bucky-Lesson 2, Hope-Lesson 6, Atlas-Lesson 6, Clover-Lesson 6, and Leo-Lesson 6!!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in August!! Marco-Lesson 2, Echo-Lesson 6, Scooby-Lesson 10, Atlas-Lesson 2, Trypp-Lesson 3, Henry-Lesson 3, Rogue-Lesson 6, Atlas-Lesson 3, Leo-Lesson 5, and Atlas-Lesson 4!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in July!!! Cletus-Lesson 5, Echo-Lesson 5, Elsie-Lesson 4, Hulk-Lesson 9, Solo-Lesson 1, Obi-Wan-Lesson 1, Rogue-Lesson 5, Chevy-Lesson 6, Jousuke-Lesson 6, Juniper-Lesson 2, and Ranger-Lesson 1!!

Service Dog Application

General Information

First Name: Last Name:
Age:   Gender:
Address:   City:
State:   Zip:
Phone Number:   Email Address:
Employer:   Occupation:
Marital Status:  

Person Needing Service Animal

Does someone else need the service animal: Yes
Have you or are you currently serving in the military? Yes

Disability Information

*All information is confidential and will only be used to determine the need and priority for a service animal.
Primary Diagnoses:
List any other medical conditions:
List any medications you are taking:
How does your medical condition affect your everyday life?
What are your limitations?

General Information

How active is your lifestyle?
What are your daily physical activities?
What is your primary form of transportation?
What type of residence do you live in?
Is it fully fenced? If yes, what type? If no, how will you exercise the animal?
What are the ages and names of others living in your household?
List all pets that reside in your home:
What type of Service Animal are you seeking?
What do you think a Service Dog is?
What tasks do you want the animal trained to do?
Are you dedicated to excercising the service animal?
Do you make enough money to feed and pay for the Service Animals expenses, which include but are not limited to Vet Care, Grooming, Training Expenses, etc.? If no please explain.
Do you understand that a Service Animal requires a lifetime of training?
Are you willing to educate yourself pertaining to the Laws regarding Service Dogs and the ethics that relate to them?