• Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in November! Calum-Lesson 9, Chiki-Lesson 11, Grandby-Lesson 1, Murphy-Lesson 2, Scooby-Lesson 11, Conall-Lesson 8, Smokey-Lesson 6, Trypp-Lesson 4, Cletus-Lesson 5, Brady-Lesson 1, Flo-Lesson 11, Grandby-Lesson 2, Cor-Lesson 10, Elara-Lesson 7, Bella-Lesson 1, Bailey-Lesson 2, and a HUGE congratulations to Dingus for Graduating!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in October!! Chiki-Lesson 10, Star-Lesson 5, Murphy-Lesson 1, Chloe-Lesson 6, Jousuke-Lesson 7, Solo-Lesson 2, Marcus-Lesson 5, Atlas-Lesson 7, Flo-Lesson 9, Ember-Lesson 8, Alastor-Lesson 6, Flo-Lesson 10, Leo-Lesson 7, Bucky-Lesson 3, Springer-Lesson 1, Atlas-Lesson 8, Hulk-Lesson 9, and Bailey-Lesson 1!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in September!! Hope-Lesson 5, Bucky-Lesson 1, Casper-Lesson 3, Dooley-Lesson 1, Charlie-Lesson 2, Cor-Lesson 9, Atlas-Lesson 5, Bucky-Lesson 2, Hope-Lesson 6, Atlas-Lesson 6, Clover-Lesson 6, and Leo-Lesson 6!!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in August!! Marco-Lesson 2, Echo-Lesson 6, Scooby-Lesson 10, Atlas-Lesson 2, Trypp-Lesson 3, Henry-Lesson 3, Rogue-Lesson 6, Atlas-Lesson 3, Leo-Lesson 5, and Atlas-Lesson 4!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in July!!! Cletus-Lesson 5, Echo-Lesson 5, Elsie-Lesson 4, Hulk-Lesson 9, Solo-Lesson 1, Obi-Wan-Lesson 1, Rogue-Lesson 5, Chevy-Lesson 6, Jousuke-Lesson 6, Juniper-Lesson 2, and Ranger-Lesson 1!!

Scout's Legacy Puppy Raisers

Puppy Raiser and pup

Here at Scout's Legacy Service Dogs we are looking to find people who are interested in training and/or raising puppies so that they can grow into life saving service dogs for people with disabilities. Scout's Legacy is all about trying to work with our volunteers so that they have the most positive experience with us. One of the ways we do this is by offering four different options of puppy raising which range from a puppy being with you 1 week occassionally up to 2 years. If you have always wanted to work with animals this is a great step in the door! You must live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in order to be a Puppy Raiser with Scout's Legacy!! You will follow the guidelines set out, work with the president and lead trainer of the company, and have help every step of the way. The dogs needs will be paid for so you will just be volunteering your time, home, and affection to the dog.

Our dogs are trained to the highest quality and we expect them to be mindful and well behaved with whoever their handler may be at any given time. We train our dogs according to the Americans with Disabilities Act which means they are obedience trained, task trained, and public access trained ( As a volunteer you would be helping in one or more of these areas of training. If you have the time to put towards one of these animals please let us know by emailing us at or just apply!

To APPLY to become one of our puppy raisers please fill out the Puppy Raiser Application Here. If you have any questions feel free to "Contact Us".

If you would like to see how this process works from a puppy raiser perspective then check out this blog written by one of our very own Puppy Raisers!!

If you know of anyone who has an interest in working with animals, please send them our way! Scout's Legacy's Facebook