• Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in November! Calum-Lesson 9, Chiki-Lesson 11, Grandby-Lesson 1, Murphy-Lesson 2, Scooby-Lesson 11, Conall-Lesson 8, Smokey-Lesson 6, Trypp-Lesson 4, Cletus-Lesson 5, Brady-Lesson 1, Flo-Lesson 11, Grandby-Lesson 2, Cor-Lesson 10, Elara-Lesson 7, Bella-Lesson 1, Bailey-Lesson 2, and a HUGE congratulations to Dingus for Graduating!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in October!! Chiki-Lesson 10, Star-Lesson 5, Murphy-Lesson 1, Chloe-Lesson 6, Jousuke-Lesson 7, Solo-Lesson 2, Marcus-Lesson 5, Atlas-Lesson 7, Flo-Lesson 9, Ember-Lesson 8, Alastor-Lesson 6, Flo-Lesson 10, Leo-Lesson 7, Bucky-Lesson 3, Springer-Lesson 1, Atlas-Lesson 8, Hulk-Lesson 9, and Bailey-Lesson 1!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in September!! Hope-Lesson 5, Bucky-Lesson 1, Casper-Lesson 3, Dooley-Lesson 1, Charlie-Lesson 2, Cor-Lesson 9, Atlas-Lesson 5, Bucky-Lesson 2, Hope-Lesson 6, Atlas-Lesson 6, Clover-Lesson 6, and Leo-Lesson 6!!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in August!! Marco-Lesson 2, Echo-Lesson 6, Scooby-Lesson 10, Atlas-Lesson 2, Trypp-Lesson 3, Henry-Lesson 3, Rogue-Lesson 6, Atlas-Lesson 3, Leo-Lesson 5, and Atlas-Lesson 4!!

  • Congratulations to the teams who have passed their lessons in July!!! Cletus-Lesson 5, Echo-Lesson 5, Elsie-Lesson 4, Hulk-Lesson 9, Solo-Lesson 1, Obi-Wan-Lesson 1, Rogue-Lesson 5, Chevy-Lesson 6, Jousuke-Lesson 6, Juniper-Lesson 2, and Ranger-Lesson 1!!

Scout's Legacy Service Dogs' Goals

Our goal at Scout's Legacy is to bring independence back into a persons life with a dog who is trained to assist their specific disability. We cater each dog according to the disabilities each person has so they can have as much or as little help as they need. We strive for dogs who are trained in every aspect of obedience and expect well behaved dogs who do their jobs. Scout's Legacy is a Texas Non-profit and working towards our 501(c) status so we can continue to help people who need our services.

Scout and his Legacy

How Scout's Legacy Service Dogs Started

Scout is the reason why this company was created and has such high standards. When Scout was just a foster dog for Amanda she knew they had something special after a week of being together, so she adopted the 3 year old Border Collie Lab and expected to save him from a life of hardship. Little did she know that he would truly save her only a year later! After Amanda's PTSD kicked in to full force and caused Amanda to go into panic attacks in public and forced her to stay home, he was her answer to gain independence again. She trained him herself to work as a Psychiatric Service Dog so she could again work and go to school as any normal 21 year old. Scout loved his job like no other dog has loved his job, and while he is a retired Service Dog now, he still does all of his tasks from home everyday and has never stopped working. Because of Scout Amanda found what it meant to gain freedom she thought she would lose and he taught her what her passion in life truly was.

How We Can Help You

When training a Service Dog everyone has a different way of being able to do it, some can owner train with the assistance of our Lead Trainer, while others need someone to do all the training because of their disability. Whichever way you go our team is here to support you 100%. You will be given a program guide that you must follow and train so the dog can be well prepared to face life as a dog in the public eye. You will have direct contact with our trainer and receive help as often as you need!

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